What is Public Relations?
While there are many interpretations of its meaning, public relations is popularly seen as the concept of building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with the client and its various related publics. It' is generally defined with the following words:
Deliberate- activities are designed to influence, gain understanding, provide information and obtain feedback
Planned- activities are organized in a thought-out process through research and analysis
Performance- effectiveness is based on actual policies and performance
Public interest- activities mutually benefit the client and the public
Two-way communication- information is dessiminated and feedback solicited
Management function- communication with top management is integral to the decision making process
How many people are estimated to practice public relations across the world as their main profession?
3 million
How many of these people are estimated to belong to some professional organization?
one-twelfth (360,000)
True/False? According to the text, public relations is among the top fastest growing communications fields.
What is the economic impact of public relations in the U.S.
estimated in the hundreds of billions of dollars along with in-store promotions, direct mail and sponsorships.
What major region of the world is the growth of public relations expected to thrive?
What key elements make-up the public relations process?
Research- what is the problem or situation?
Action- what is going to be done about it?
Communication- how will the public be told?
Evaluation- was the audience reached and what was the effect?
Public relations practitioners are decribed as what because they act to communicate information between internal and external sources?
linking agents
What are components of public relations?
-Media relations
-Employee/member relations
-Community relations
-Public affairs
-Government affairs
-Issues management
-Financial relations
-Industry relations
-Multicultural relations/ workplace diversity
-Special events
-Marketing communications
What are other names given to public relations?
Positive/Neutral references
-Corporate communications
-Public Affairs
-Corporate Relations
-Corporate Public Affairs
Negative references
-Spin doctors
How does public relations differ from Journalism?
-scope- journalism is only one component of public relations which also includes strategic thinking, problem-solving capability and other management skills
-objectives- journalists are objective observers while public relations practioners are advocates
-audiences- journalists write for mass audiences while public relations practitioners have defined audiences
-channels- journalists typically work in the medium that publishes or broadcasts their work while public relations practitioners work with a combination of mass media
How does public relations differ from advertising?
public relations involves disseminating information through media gatekeepers who ultimately decide whether to use the information for news stories while advertising involves paid space and time separate from news and editorial content
How does public relations differ from marketing?
the purpose of public relations is to build relationships and build goodwill with a variety of publics while marketing focuses on customers and selling products and services