TelevisionThere are Four approaches for getting an organizations news and viewpoints on local television.•Video News ReleasesLarge orginizations make them to to seek recognition for their names Very costly and used sparingly FormatProducing a VNR requires expert interviewing skills, speedy video editing, creative eye for visuals, and political savvy. Production.Usually outsourced to a firm specializing in scripting and producing VNRs. Steps:• Give TV News directors maximum flexibility in editing the tape using their own anchors or announcers. • Produce the VNR with news footage in mind• Never superimpose your own written information on the actual videotape• Never use stand up reporter• Provide TV stations with a local angle. • Good graphics including animation, are a plus Delivery.Should include two or three minutes of B-rll or background pictures, for use by the TV news producer in repackaging the story.Satellite distribution is the most cost effective way of distributing VNRSVNRs and other publicity material can also be distributed via the web.

Personal AppearancesRadio and television stations increasingly operate on round the clock schedules. They require vast amounts of programming to fill the time available.

When thinking about booking a spokesperson on a talk show• Is the topic newsworthy? Is there a new angle on something already in the news?• Is the topic timely? Is it tied to some lifestyle or cultural trend?• Is the information useful to viewers?• Does the spokesperson have viewer appeal?Can the spokesperson stay on track and give succinct concise staements t• Can the spokesperson refrain from getting too comercial?
The Web

  • One important development has been the advent of Web-based news sites.
  • There are more than 6,000 new sites according to the book and the number grows each day.
  • According to West Glen Communications, “more than 50 percent of the 110 million users of the Internet in the United States use this medium as a source of news and information.
  • The Internet is a must for the PR world
  • is the longest running and largest food site on the internet with 20 million views per month.
  • Many websites are extensions of magazines, newspaper, radio or television shows.

  • Blogs are regularly undated online personal journalists with links to items of interest on the Web.
  • Most bloggers are amateurs, but many are professional journalists who like to express their opinions, observations, and criticisms about almost everything.
  • PR practioniers are becoming bloggers on behalf of their employers and clients more and more.
  • Public Relations personnel also starting to pitch Weblogs.
  • The Heritage Foundations also took time to email175 political bloggers and found that most of them would be interested in receiving information from the organization.
  • Bloggers also frequently post links to mainstream or other news articles.
  • It is recommended that public relations personnel monitor Weblogs that reach large numbers of consumers or that cover a particular industry.
  • A blog site may be an excellent opportunity to place positive information about the organization, or it can also have untrue or distorted info.

Organizational Webcasts
  • Many organizations also operate online pressrooms or newsrooms to provide information for journalists who need photos, executive profiles or the most recent annual report.
  • Now, most organizations also are posting SMTs, news feeds, and online news conferences on the Internet to reach an ever expanding audience though continuous audio and video, which is called Webcasting.
  • Webcasts can also be used for live events such as news conferences and new product introductions that are made available in real time to online journalists, consumers, employees, or other key audiences.
  • A webcast is sometimes used in conjunction with a telephone conference call.
Examples include:
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain in California had a new ride and whenever visitors went to the site they could experience the ride from their one PC screen in full motion and full sound because it was a digitalized ride.
  • Ordis Broadcast Group- whenever viewers went to the website, they were able to take part in chat sessions with physicians, attend virtual press events, and find other consumer- friendly health information provided by leading health care organizations.